Friday, October 22, 2010

Penn River Designs

I am linking up with Debra for her Vintage Inspiration Friday posts and wanted to showcase a truely talented designer that I met a while back, Brenda from Penn River.  I first met her at the Homestead Antique Fair in Hico Tx back in the Spring.  I was instantly drawn to her booth as were many customers. 

She reminded me of Carol Hicks Bolton of the Homestead Store in Fredericksburg.  Her dark colors of fabrics mixed with the lighter ones I think is what really drew me in, but then the way she redid items was just amazing too.  She has a true designer's eye for taking something that was different when she originally purchased it and turns it into a work of art. 

Take for example, her lamp shades.  A lamp shade alone isn't really that pretty to look at, but when you add scrim and vintage doo dads to it, it becomes just spectacular.  Her pillows are just so pretty as well.  She was at the Hico Antique Show again this time and I couldn't wait to check out her space.  Take a look and tell me what you think:

This was a wide shot of her booth.

 Look at the baby shoes all lined up on old hymnals, so artistic.

See the two ticking pillows with seam binding and fabric tied around them.  It's funny how we just buy each others things.  These pillows were mine and believe I sold them at The Red Barn Antique show and she said she bought them from Lanna of Antique Queens in Rockdale.

More pretties with lots of cool lace.

You can see her pretty lampshades and pillow here.

I loved the burlap covered shade.

See how she adds pretty things to her pillows, broches, lace, ribbon, it all works.

Here's another view the burlap shade and other ones.

This shade had to be my favorite one since it's made with scrim.

 And her pillows are just gorgeous.

She's located at The Homestead Store in Fredericksburg and Hico.  But wait there's more.  She will have her things displayed at The Accumulations Hill Country Vintage Home and Garden Fair in Driftwood Texas on October 29th

Check out the details on my other blog, Garden Antqs Vintage, and I hope you make plans to attend this event.  Happy Vintage Friday to you all.


Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Oh, my, Theresa, another talented friend of yours! I love everything I see, but I particularly adore those lampshades!!!


OMG - what nice things - the pillows are very nice - thanks for that pistures !!!!!
best regards from germany

trash talk said...

Per your instructions(lol)...I had already visited her website and was blown away by her talent. Thanks for steering me in the right direction!

time-worn interiors said...

WOW! What a great booth! That girls got talent!

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

SO many lovelies!! Thanks for taking us along :)


Jeanine Burkhardt said...

"Just FaB" inspiration!*!*!

Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

Anonymous said...

What doees it seem like all the best shows are in Texas?? It looks fabulous... wish I could be there!
~ Jo :)

Anonymous said...

P.S. Oops! Did I really type THAT?? I meant to say Why does... :)

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

What a wonderful booth, so many beautiful things to look at!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

You are so right Theresa!!!!! She does have the Carol Hicks Bolton touch!!!!! I'm in love, love with her style, I too love incorporating black and other dark shades into my home ~ thank you so much for letting me know, YUMMMMM! Have a wonderful weekend dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

A Cottage Muse said...

Sigh...all so lovely!

Herman Grans ♥ said...

Beautiful :)

unique unique design said...

This looks like a really fun space. Will check out her blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Theresa,
All I can say is YUMMY! I wish my house looked like these gorgeous photos!!
I hope your well and have a great weekend!

Auntie Bliss said...

How creative! I love the rows of chairs w/ baby shoes and to meet her :)
(i'm old Shabbyinthecity...Phyllis)

Malisa said...

She is one talented lady! A few of her creations just took my breath away! Going over to her blog now. Thanks!