Monday, April 11, 2011

Ralph Lauren Inspired

When I headed out this past week and weekend to find treasures I didn't realize that I would find things that were Ralph Lauren inspired or at least to me they were.  What do I mean by that?  Things that have texture and history and are so appealing to you that you can't move fast enough to see them before someone else eyes them.

I was first invited to a sale before anyone else even had arrived.  And from what I could tell when I first walked up to see the sale is that they had some amazing things and many things were yet to be uncovered but you could tell there were going to be some great things for sale.  We are talking about a homeowner and family that collected things from around the turn of the century and expanded through the 1920's and later and to them they probably weren't collections, but more heirlooms that had been passed down from the generations.

Things that had hand written notes attached to them explaining who owned them and where they had come from, that was just amazing to touch a piece of history that came over from Germany.  One note read:

 "Plush table cover, grandpa Schumacher brought from Germany. Was in his family many years, so it must be 150 years old" and that was written in 1977. 

Other notes found were kept by the family.  It was just amazing to see these notes and the treasures they had collected over the years.

Here's my favorite treasure found at this sale:

Even though as soon as the owners saw it you could tell it had special meaning and brought back memories, they still choose to sell it but kept what was inside.  Inside was the finest pair of men's ice skates that I had ever seen.  They were black and brown leather and still in very good shape even though the owner said they were from the 1920's.  Then, he pulled out a fabulous brown leather bomber's jacket that was to die for.  He said these things probably belonged to his uncle when he went to the Texas Luthern College in Sequin Tx. On the back side of the suitcase it has a very large 'T' and while the handles are worn it's still pretty fabulous.  I actually found several suitcases at this sale and a few others I found at other places that we went to. 

The plush burgandy cover that the note referred to above can be seen here:

It does have some wear on it but overall it's still in good shape.  I also bought the brown purse and white trash can at this place.  They had several pieces of really old burlap that the family had used to wrap things in.  These old pieces were really great.

This sale was different than what I'd been to before because they didn't have it all laid out for you to see.  You had to keep going back everyday to see what they had unpacked.  As they were unpacking they might tell you oh that's not for sale.  It was the unknown, what would be in the next box, would they sell the item or keep it.

Here's an overall view of what I found at the sale and few other places that we went to as well:

The frames were found at other places as was the aqua industrial chair.  The gold lamp was also found at another place.  The box of gloves, old books which are really cool cook books with hand written recipes (or receipts as they used to call them), the black phone, cameras, letter boxes, a few other things were found at this sale.

I've decided to sell some of these things, so if you are interested click HERE for more information. 

Have you found any cool things lately that remind you of something Ralph Lauren would go out looking for:

He always inspires me to find similar things. Hope you all have a great week and hit the junkin trails sometimes this week.


Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

That sounds - and looks - like a dream sale! And they were wrapping in old burlap? Gasp! All your weekend finds look so interesting. And it goes unsaid that you had a blast getting it all.

Barbara Jean said...

WOW! Great treasures!!!

barbara jean

Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

Oh, my! I'm tempted to fly BACK to TX to grab that TLC suitcase and aqua industrial stool. JEALOUS!!!

A Cottage Muse said...

You do find THE best stuff. Love that suitcase!

Theresa said...

you found some wonderful treasures! The fact that the history was provided is just about the coolest thing ever! xoxo

Susan S. said...

Hi...I just popped in your blog and LOVE it! You have some great finds there and I LOVE that you got to know a little bit about the history. I think that's always very interesting. I've added myself as your newest follower. Hope you pop in to see me soon. Happy Spring Y'all from Houston, TX

Rebecca said...

Loving what you gathered here! Ralph is the best...
Blessings to you this Easter

d. reyné said...

I am a huge Ralph Fan! I love his look...elegant and timeless.

I love the pieces you have found~truly great treasures.
These are the type of things that I tend to gravitate too as well!
I adore the old luggage!

Anonymous said...

I just came over from Bohemian Valhalla. I am loving your blog already! I just subscribed and now I'm off to look around at some of your older posts! Thanks, Rosa

Richard Cottrell said...

When I lived in Sag harbor, New York and had an antique shop in East Hampton, New York, I went to the movie one winter night with a friend , to see Wings of a Dove, and the only other people in the theater was Ralph and his wife Kelly. Always have loved his work. Richard at My old Historic House

Burlap Luxe said...

Love the rich feel to the piece you have added to your treasures! Finding the best pieces that add to a feeling and the tone of a room is in the talent you have!

Love R.L and would spend days at his outlets, shopping for those perfect finds adding his layers of bedding and window treatments to my hom in the early 90's.

Thank you for sharing his timeless style, and the added beauty you add to a great designs style!


Kathy said...

What a great adventure, I imagine you felt you had entered a time machine. Wonderful Needful Things.