Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Judy's Home Show~The Main Bedroom, Bathroom, & Dining Room

Here we are again, continuing Judy's Home Show. I so hope you are enjoying the pictures of her beautiful place.  I am just in awe in all that she is able to put together for her Home Show.  If you aren't exactly sure what a Home Show is, it's like attending an antique show, but in someone's home.  Yes, she has everything (well almost) for sale. 

Let's go into the main bedroom.  This is the first display you saw when you came into this room:

Here's a side view of the bed:

Here's another view of the metal awning/vent:

Don't you love the FRENCH words on the clip board:

Yes, there were two beds in this room.

This dresser had such great chippy white charm:

Her slip covers are so beautiful:

More beautiful displays in this room:

These next set of photos are from the bathroom that's located off this bedroom:

I love this table, the white with the zinc top.  I'm wishing now that I would have brought it home with me.

Look at the pretty dried display above the bath.  Yes that is dried okra stalks!

I know a lot to take in, but there's one more tour I want to share with you today of her home. 

 So please check back later in the day.

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Just Awesome!!