Thursday, July 21, 2011

Austin Shopping

Warning...This is going to be a long post so you might want to grab your favorite drink!!

We made a very quick trip to Austin this past weekend and I just wanted to share what caught my eye.  Let's start at Uncommon Objects:

Jeanette's moved to a new space and I just loved all she had here.

I'm always loving the color blue.  Those were great shutters.

Look at all the blue bottles and the blue paint peeking through on this table.

You just never know what you will find here!

The oval window in the corner was fabulous as was the oval screen. 

Yes, those are rattler's.  Pure art!  Only Linda Parker could display something like this and it would look fabulous.

Another view of the window and screen.

Isn't this cabinet fabulous.  The handles are off of clip boards.  So cleaver.

More pretties!

After we left Uncommon Objects, we found the Austin Antique Mall off McCann Street in Austin where Mickie and Brandy have a booth at.  We'd never been to this mall and it's only minutes from my son's place.  Unfortunatley, by the time I found their booth my camera battery wouldn't work, but I can gurantee you that their booth was awesome.

I also found Charyl Coleman's booth and another one that interested me.  You may remember me going on and on about her booth last time at the City Wide Garage Sale.  See the previous post for more on her:

Of course she had some great things in her space.  See that industrial magazine rack leaning against the primitive cabinet, I should have bought it because I've thought about it so since seeing it last time.

I'm not sure who's white booth this was but it seemed interesting.

And I think this booth had some interesting things. 

I actually spied a mannequin, which you can barely see in the corner, that I had sold to another vendor during one of the past Warrenton shows and now it's home here.  Sorry about the glare but this is when my camera battery was starting to go.

I do hope to go back soon to this shop, there was just so much to see.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.


Lucid Designs said...

I spent a few hours in this amazing shop when while in Austin for a job. If I could move in, I would. :-)

outjunking said...

Oh this is the kinda antique and unique mall I wish I were in and even wish we had one here.

trash talk said...

I'm smiling at the strategic placement of the light fixture in front of the male anatomy chart!
Some wonderful things and the clipboard pulls...genius.

A Cottage Muse said...

Wow! What fabulous displays!!
LOVE that Tourist sign!

Stephanie said...

Gosh so many awesome things - I could spend hours in there!

Lana said...

I'd never tire of shopping there! :)

Hill Country House Girl said...

Hey Theresa! I found you! I like this blog, a lot.

Love your photos of Uncommon Objects. One of my favorite places ever, and Steve is one of my favorite people ever! So happy to finally meet you - look for my post on Wednesday. See you at Zapp! xo Ann