Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Austin Vendors

I thought I'd show you a few booths of vendors that were at the past City Wide Garage Sale.  It's becoming a really great almost monthly show for us.  The quality of vendors is really improving as well.  I've been to the show at times when there weren't many people there, but I'm really enjoying seeing all the great displays that everyone is putting together.

We'll start out at my booth:

Lots of things in these pictures sold.  We are thankful for all the customers that came out and we'll be back there again this month the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I hope you'll make plans to come out to the show in you are in Austin Tx that weekend.

Here's more of the vendors that were there:

The two pics above are of Maggie's space.

Linda Parker's booth.

This was a new vendor.

Nancy of House Wren's booth.

Charyl Coleman's booth.  Stay tuned for a whole post on her space.  She has the most amazing finds that you'll want to see it all.

The next City Wide Garage Sale is Nov. 26-27, click HERE for more info.


The Cranky Queen said...

Thanks for the tour. Wish I was closer to attend...little too far from Alabama! Visit me sometimes over at the palace blog! Tiffany

Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

Did that green chair sell? I had one like that last year (but a more chartreuse-y green) and it sold immediately for big bucks! Your booth looks great, as usual!

trash talk said...

Thanks for all the photos. Looks to be a must-go-to for us in the future. Love the black chairs.

Pent-Up Photos said...

I love City Wide and haven't been able to go in awhile. Thanks for giving me a quick trip there! I got to see some beautiful items and my legs aren't even tired!


The word verification I had to just type in is the word "sucks". Ha!

Sandra said...

Love the green chair