Thursday, December 8, 2011

Judy's Christmas Show~

I wanted to show you Judy Hill's Christmas show, room by room.  I'm hoping that by seeing each part of her gorgeous home that you'll feel as if you were almost there.  I might add if you see something in the pictures that interest you, you can contact Judy to see if it's still available.  Okay, grab your favorite drink and lets go on the tour:

We will start off in her living room.  The most unique thing was of course the coffee table made from the tub.  How fabulous was this.  I also loved all white slip covered furniture. 

Everything in this room just made you feel so calm.  That's why I love white so.

Look at this medical cabinet and chair was pretty fabulous too.

The mantle sure looked pretty all decked out for Christmas.

And what a cleaver window treatment.  The white metal chairs brought back memories of being in a country church and sitting on similar chairs.  I have several more rooms to show you.  I hope you check back for more posts, there so more to show you.


Cindy said...


I found your blog on Pinterest. You have some amazing posts, can't wait to go through them all!


Prior said...

oh, I will def. check back, going to her house is on my bucket list, something always gets in the way, thanks for the pics.

A Cottage Muse said...

Beautiful tour....can't wait to see more!