Saturday, September 8, 2012

Huntsville Antique Show

The Huntsville Antique Show is set to start next weekend, September 15 on Highway 30 W. in Huntsville Texas.  Get your shopping game ready and head to beautiful Huntsville, home of Sam Houston, for a glorious day of shopping.  It's a sold out show and there are a lot of awesome vendors that will be at this show and it's air conditioned and indoors.  There are so much to do in Huntsville from attending the show to shopping downtown at all the shops, eatting at great places, and visiting the downtown Sam Houston Museum. You can make of day of spending time here. 

(during a previous show)

The show starts on Saturday at 10 am and the cost is $5.00 and runs through Sunday. 

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Stephanie said...

I so wish I could make it to the show!! We have baseball in Houston this weekend. GOOD LUCK!