Monday, July 12, 2010

Cool & Industrial

I wanted to show you some things that normally catch my attention when I'm out looking for things and maybe this will tell you more about me.  I love industrial items, from chairs to tables, lamps, mirrors you name it and if you throw in a great wooden piece then I'm really happy.  The wooden pieces that appeal to me most are the cubbies that have many drawers.  You can take a piece like this and put it anywhere in your home from your kitchen to studio to laundry room and repurpose it into something else. 

Speaking of repurposing, take this metal cart:

It was probably used in some type of warehouse. But can you see this being in a porch or a living room holding your TV.  Of course you'd need to own a loft to have just the right cool factor going on, don't you think.  Here recently, I've seen some pretty cool looking loft areas in Dallas.

Personally, I'd pair a cart such as this with a cool metal light, such as this pair:

This would really be an interesting item to have around as well. 

An old movie light.  I saw something like this a while back at the Canton Texas First Monday Flea Market, but had to pass because of the price.  I know they aren't cheap by any means so if you find one a great price, you better snatch it up.

I'm also drawn to wooden tables with metal legs:

Bareing the raw metal is more appealing to me than painted pieces.  You can always strip the color if you find one painted.

I'd probably pair a piece like that with chairs like this:

And of course you'd need lights like this too:

But then who wouldn't want a wooden piece such as this:

I can see so many possibilities with an item such as this.

Now that you see what my eye is drawn too, I'll share more about myself in future posts.


Irma Robles Haraughty said...

Hello Miss D&F,

I am so excited to be your first follower!!!
I'm so glad I came across your blog through a comment you left for Sue from Country Roads, I actually live 10 minutes away from her store and looking into renting a spot there soon. I have recently started my own blog and a lot of my posts have been more "personal" just so I could let people know who I am, but I am planning on doing the decorating, repurposing old stuff, before and after type of posts real soon. I sell at Flea Markets and LOVE JUNK. I hope you're not disappointed by not getting your first comment from one of the many wonderful blogs that you follow (BTW we follow the same blogs) but I will visit often to swoon over your beautiful finds and I promise my future comments won't be this longwinded LOL

I wish you the best, you're going to have a blast!!!

sweetpea said...

you have a great eye for sure.



lulu redstar said...

Hello Mystery! what a GREAT BLOG you've started! I am already in serious lust for what you've posted...I'd use that rolling fab shelving in the toilet room for between two separate sinks or next to the tub. Planning my next bathroom remodel I guess! I'm putting you on my Daily Digest roll for sure! Welcome to BLOGISTAN!


Cool stuff!! Love the industrial items. Can't wait to see more.... Maggie

The Rustic Victorian said...

Really KEWL pieces,,especially all the drawers.