Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I have a Dark Side

As you can see in my last post, I love Industrial and Wood things, but I also love dark pieces mixed with light or white pieces too.  Case in point.  Take a chocolate brown painted wall mixed with a light airy iron bed and add white linens and it just pops.  Or take a thick chunky wooden bed and add it in a lightly painted room and it just seems so peaceful to me.  I like to mix light pieces of furniture if a room is painted in a dark color or vise versa. 

Here's another example of what seems to work for me.  The dark wood and industrial items have a mascaline appeal to it and then you can dress it up or down and even add a few touches of romance to it, like the flowers.

See how the dark furniture just pops against the lighter colored walls.  This is what I love and how I like to decorate. 

Even if you add a pop of color, it still has a calmness about it.

The next three bedrooms gives you idea of using light with dark:

I'm a decorating junky, can you tell.  How about you?


sweetpea said...

I love the mix of light and dark as well. I'm really enjoying your new blog. Keep it comin'.




That last picture with the mirror headboard is fabulous! Love the pics.... Maggie

The Rustic Victorian said...

Wonderful photos. I mix, do the best with what I have. Some pieces need to stay dark. I don't have the $ to acquire all that I love, so one does the best one can.